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Because every one of us once depended on decisions of others.
WE GOT A CHANCE to be born and to live without our own contribution!
But today, such things are no more taken for granted.

Statistically abortion has become the most frequent cause of death worldwide. What does matter, is not only the growing rate of aborted children, but their life stories, the stories of their mothers and those of our whole society. There are many reasons for such a pregnancy solution. Unfortunately, only few people know the complex background of abortion as well as the accessible help in cases when it is needed. In times of crisis and under pressure, we choose the solutions that are the closest to us and the easiest and the most preferred ones by people around us.

But what if there were other possibilities to choose if we knew about them? In fact, there is no way to reverse it. The life cannot be brought back. Because of it, our community of sportsmen wants to help in this case, by using what we enjoy to inform about the possibilities of specific help to make people not to struggle alone.

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Who do we run for ?

For us ! We run for you and for me. We run for our children, our society, and our future as well. Every one of us has an irreplaceable mission to fulfil in this world and unborn children have it, too.

Today, we know many stories of famous people, whose mothers were sent to abortion or those who were seriously considering it. Steve Jobs, Celine Dion, Cher, Andrea Bocelli, Tim Tebow, Jack Nicholson, John Paul II... there are many of them. We do not know how many talented people are daily killed before they are even given the chance to take a breath for the first time.

A future inventor, a famous personality, or ‘just’ an ordinary child – we are all still equal. At a certain point we all are conceived, we are born, and we die. Neither the circumstances, nor our talents can be consciously chosen. We can choose neither the life, whether we are healthy or ill before the birth or after it, nor various accidents, diseases... We do not know whether we will once have to depend on the help from others in the same way as we used to do in our childhood.

There are many situations, but also many injustices and misunderstandings. But we got the chance to do something good on this earth and that is why we run for those children!

Get involved

We are currently working on our new running collection. We will inform you in due course on our social networks and you can order new t-shirts.

Until then, you can participate on social networks – share your selfie with hashtags #ForTheUnborn #Run4Life #ForLife or send your photo to us and we will post it on our fan page Run4Life The more smiles and the more people are there on the photo, the better.

We can achieve our goal together; let everyone know that they are not in this alone. Challenge your friends, run/do something for others and you will see –
it will come back to you 😊.

PS: If you want to support us financially,
you can send a donation to our account:

IBAN SK26 8330 0000 0043 0430 4300.

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Who we are

We are students, singles, young families, and older people, too,
who want to do something more than just to look idly on the suffering around us.
We are mostly dealing with the issue of unborn children or people who are somehow discriminated or disadvantaged around us. This initiative is under the patronage of citizens’ association 4Life.

More information can be found on our website

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